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Avid tennis player and Denton County resident, Ray Williams has worn many hats in his day.  Ray has been a college baseball player, an oil rig roughneck in the North Sea, a cattle ranch manager, a reserve deputy sheriff, a horse trainer, a petroleum landman and a board certified trial lawyer.  However, Ray had never invented anything.  That is, until recently.

One day while watching his daughter in a tennis lesson at Brookhaven, he noticed that she was overextending her arm in the backswing.  This common mistake derailed her swing mechanics and was preventing her from developing her game.  From the elevated position above the court, Ray could see that the “fix” would be to restrict her arm extension.  Within a few days, Ray had come up with a crude prototype device to address the problem.  Weathering a downpour of “Dad, you’re not my coach”, Ray was finally able to try the idea out.  Wow, it worked!

Fast forward a couple of years, and the idea and original crude prototype has progressed and improved into a sensational product. 

Encouragement from teaching pros and Brookhaven members prompted Ray to apply for and obtain a patent.  Ray named the product the Tennis Xcelerator, and is convinced that it is the best topspin groundstroke and volley training device ever devised and will revolutionize the way in which tennis is taught.   “It will shave many months, if not years off a person’s development”, says Williams.

Ray has started his own company to manufacture and market the Xcelerator.  “What it does is eliminate too much wrist and overextension by locking the wrist and arm together in the correct position to promote a clean mechanical stroke.  The beautiful thing about it is that it is for all ages and levels”, says Williams. On top of all that, the Xcelerator can benefit all players with out even using a racket or tennis court. It is simply the plumb line for clean mechanics.

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