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Use the Tennis Xcelerator in your training process to develop the topspin shot you want. We recommend using it intermittently to enhance the muscle memory benefit. Try these training tips to learn the proper swing and practice using the Tennis Xcelerator. You will benefit from using the Tennis Xcelerator each time you put it on, wether oyu notice it or not. Muscle memory building takes time and repetition noticable improvement will vary with each player, their atheletic ability, skill level and leve of concentration. The key is level of concentration and focus.

Shadow swing:

Before you try to hit a ball using the Tennis Xcelerator, spend some time getting used to the device and practicing the elliptical swing pattern. After attaching the Tennis Xcelerator, rotate your non-hitting shoulder to the hitting side, bend your knees, relax and swing easy. Feel how the Tennis Xcelerator guides your swing pattern from high, to low, to high. There is no substitute for clean mechanics!


Be sure to notice your shoulder rotation, the bending of the knees, the swing pattern, and how the racket travels straight forward from the hitting side hip, to the point of impact. The swing does not cross the body.

Use the net as a standing target

The first step to creating a powerful topspin is to develop the correct mechanical swing. To do this, attach the Tennis Xcelerator to your hitting arm and select the grip you want to use. Then stand close to the net, facing it. With your feet in the proper hitting stance, rotate your non-hitting shoulder to about 2 o'clock on the hitting side and raise your locked wrist to shoulder height.

Swing forward and upward in an elliptical shape. As you start to move upward, brush the tape of the net with the sweet spot of your racket, and continue forward and up to a point above your shoulder.

As you practice the elliptical swing pattern, you will begin to see and feel how you are brushing up at the contact point on the net. This swing motion creates topspin. Try it with and without the Tennis Xcelerator connected with the tether.

Toss and Hit:

Now that you have learned the swing, it is time to practice with your Tennis Xcelerator by hitting balls from the forehand side.

Simply drop a ball on your forehand side out in front of your hip and at arm's length to the side. hit the ball after the second bounce. by waiting until after the second bounce to hit, it will provide you time to move your feet into proper position. Hit with the tether attached for 10 minutes, then disconnect the tether and tuck it into your arm strap. Try hitting more dropped tennis balls for about 5 minutes, and then reattach the tether and continue to toss and hit.

You will feel the muscle memory beginning to work. Practice your two-handed backhand the same way by placing the Tennis Xcelerator on your opposite arm.

Work with a ball machine:

Set the ball machine to give you only forehand shots as you begin to train with the Tennis Xcelerator. Again, practice with the Tennis Xcelerator tether attached for 10 minutes, then detach the tether and tuck it into your arm strap. Try hitting more topspin forehands for about 5 minutes, and then reattach the tether. See how your shot is improving already! Repeat. Feel the difference?

Now, move the Tennis Xcelerator to your other arm and practice only two-handed backhand groundstrokes. Be sure the machine is set to send you balls exclusively on your backhand side. Watch the rotation of the ball increase as you begin to see and feel how to make topspin shots.

The tennis excelerator also works to improve your volleys by keeping your wrist in the locked position. Start slow, get the feel, and remember to use your feet to position yourself properly.

Practice with a hitting partner - Fed Balls:

Practice with your Tennis Xcelerator by having a hitting partner feed balls to your forehand side only. Remember, when you have the Tennis Xcelerator attached, you can only do one shot so be sure to let any ball that is not comfortably in your strike zone go by. Move your feet and maintain you proper balance throughout the drill.

Then, move the Tennis Xcelerator to the other arm and practice hitting your two-handed backhand. Be careful not to try to hit any other shots with the Tennis Xcelerator fully attached to your arm.

Rally hitting:

As your development progresses, try rally hitting from the baseline with your Tennis Xcelerator attached. Remember that the Tennis Xcelerator works only on either the forehand or the two-handed backhand shot at any given time. Again, if the ball that is coming at you is not the shot you are training, simply let it go and do not try to hit it. Always move your feet and maintain your balance.

Falling while using the Tennis Xcelerator may result in injury. Be careful while training.


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