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How It Works
The Tennis Xcelerator works by removing some of the most common mistakes made in hitting a tennis topspin groundstroke. Too much wrist and arm extension in the backswing can prevent the development of a solid topspin shot.

We designed the Tennis Xcelerator to create an elliptical swing pattern that starts high, travels low, then finishes high.This allows the racket face to brush up on the ball at the strike point and put topspin on the ball.

Topspin gives the player confidence to swing fast and yet maintain control of the groundstroke.

The Tennis Xcelerator allows the player to build muscle memory and "feel" how this powerful groundstroke is made. It keeps the player's wrist locked and the arm bent at the proper angle for maximum power and control.

How It Works
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Step one: Place the Tennis Xcelerator on your arm.


Place the arm strap in the middle of the bicep of the hitting arm. The hook and loop fastener should be tightened by moving away from the player until it is comfortably secure. The arm strap should be approximately in the middle of the bicep.

Put both the middle and ring fingers through the loop with the leather patch on the back of the hand. Secure the hook and loop strap around the wrist until comfortable. Make sure the single nylon lace is down the center of your palm.

To test wether you have it on correctly, touch your little finger with your thumb. The nylon lace should be in the middle.

Once you secure the arm strap and the wrist strap in place, connect the nylon tether to the D-ring on the back of the hand. Adjust the tether until the wrist is locked and the arm is bent at an approximate 90 -120 degree angle. You may need to occasionally readjust and tighten the strap during trainning.

Two-handed backhand:

The Tennis Xcelerator works to develop the two-handed backhand as well. Do not try to use it as a training aid for the one-handed backhand. Place the tennis xcelerator arm strap on the opposite arm used for your forehand.

Follow sthe same steps as above. If it slips during trainning, simply move it back up the arm and readjust.

Step 2: Learn the swing!

Now that you are wearing the Tennis Xcelerator, the proper swing for topspin will come easily. First, rotate your non-hitting shoulder to the racket side. Check your position by having the non-hitting hand grab shirt fabric on the hitting side shoulder. This is the proper shoulder position.

The swing is an elliptical shape starting high, above the shoulder, then dropping low, and finally back up ending in front and above your shoulder. The swing goes straight forward out and up from the hitting side hip, not across the body.

How it works


Step 3: Practice

Use the Tennis Xcelerator intermittently in your training. For example, hit with it connected for 10-15 minutes then simply unhook the nylon tether and tuck the snap inside the arm strap. Continue hitting for 5 minutes. Reconnect the tether and continue hitting. You will feel the difference and build muscle memory with each use



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